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A board is responsible for decisions at a high level, unlike a CEO. The board is responsible for appointing and, if needed, replacing the chief executive officer as well as fulfilling the fiduciary obligations of the company’s shareholders and stakeholders.

In the end an effective and engaged board is one that treats staff as colleagues, not subordinates. Respectable and thoughtful members of the board listen to their employees and treat them in a fair manner regardless of whether they agree with an employee’s opinion. Regardless of the size of an organisation, board members are required to act regarding issues that affect the organization’s mission.

One of the most important aspects of effective board governance is detailed minutes of meetings. These minutes can help members who are not present understand the events that took place during the meeting, and can provide clarity on any metrics or strategies that may need to be monitored. Boards that spend the time to prepare concise and clear minutes are better able to handle legal issues.

This blog read post about aprio board portal review post from SSIR will show you how to draft effective minutes for board meetings. The blog is a fantastic source for anyone interested in governance of boards, with a special focus on boards that are not for profit.

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