How to Deliver Value at Your Board Meetings

If done correctly Board Meetings provide the perfect opportunity to tap the collective intelligence of Important People to address key issues for your company and take important decisions. They can shape the direction that your organization takes taking it through rough waters before guiding it into more tranquil waters. You should ensure that each meeting is valuable by ensuring that you take decisions on the appropriate topics and involving everyone in your group.

To start the meeting, the chair should start by confirming that a quorum has been established. This can be done through rolling call or by asking anyone to raise their hand. The chair should then provide an overview of the main points of the meeting as well as an overview of most important issues to be discussed. The chair should also make sure that any new items on the agenda have enough time to be discussed prior to when they are voted upon.

It is essential to read all relevant reports and documents prior to making any decisions or deliberations. This includes financial statements and progress reports for initiatives or projects, and customer feedback surveys. The information must be put together into an “board package” and sent to all members prior of the meeting, to allow them to digest it before a discussion is held at the boardroom table.

It is crucial that your board members can engage in honest, open discussions. This can be accomplished by establishing a culture of respect, encouraging quieter members to speak out and encouraging them to challenge the dominant ideas in a respectful manner. It is also essential that your meetings are organised with regular breaks as well as refreshments to keep everyone focused and energized.

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